In the end, kids won’t remember that fancy toy or game you bought for them; they will remember the time you spent with them. – Kevin Heath

When we were young, we used to have very limited toys to play with.

When I was a kid I only had a small doll and a kitchen set. I cherished my Doll and Kitchen set and played entire day with these toys.

Now a days a lots of ads and marketing is aimed at children and it becomes really hard to explain to kids that why they do not need to have everything shown in ads or what their friends have.

With increasing prosperity, online access and multiple retail stores it has become sort of fashionable to have kid variety of expensive toys. As part of marketing gimmick it is presented that your kids brain and physical development is on Mercy of these expensive toys. I wonder whether these things even existed in times of Newton, Einstein, CV Raman and Leonardo the Vinci.

I am not saying that do not buy a few high quality toys when you can afford it.

There is a trend of creating excess pool of resources for Children that they do not seem to appreciate any of it. Kids as young as 2 -3 years of age talk about accumulating more stuff and complaint of not having any toys to play with when they have many things available.

Best toys for kids are not the most expensive and fancier ones but the ones which interests your kid and stimulates your child’s imagination.

Do you really believe that these toys actually “make your baby Super Smart,” as claimed?

Most of the toys and products that make these claims have not been proven to increase children’s intelligence.  Children need to use their mind and body to problem solve and develop their own ideas to enhance their brain development.

Increasing the number of toys does not increase your child’s Intelligence.

What will you do if you have to live your life with limited resources? 

Please take care of Age and Interest of your Child when you buy any toys for them.

Please do not bombard the kids with things they are not interested in.

Please buy inexpensive rattles, blocks , balls and puzzles for young kids.

Once your child reaches the threshold of 4 to 5 years , help your child pick a sport of their interest.

At last I will suggest that please do not feel Insecure and suffer from feeling that you are not giving enough to your kids.

Please do let me know your experiences and observations about kids and toys.

It will be interesting to know which toy will you buy to your kids if you have 100 Rs? Can you think of something or are you overspending and creating an excess pool for your kids which they do not seem like valuing?

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