We are siblings: Vikram and Deepika. We started this blog to share our experiences and to educate others with learning of our journey. If you feel that you have great parenting stories to share either of yourself or of your parents, we would be more than happy to post these in parentstation.in. Do write to us at  : [email protected]

About Vikram: I am proud son of my parents and super brother to two sisters. Deepika is the younger sister. Deepika and I started our journey from a small town in India. In spite of limited resources of our parents, I brought many laurels ranging from being district topper to becoming an IIM MBA Graduate. I served my country as Nuclear Scientist  and now beginning my journey to MIT Sloan with an approach to change the world to a better place. Simultaneously, I  balance between my Professional journey and be Dad to my twin sons along with my lovely wife.

About Deepika: I am Mom to two lovely and amazing kids.

Fortunately, I have a lot of Niece and Nephews to add extra fun in my life.I believe that I am part of a beautiful journey that is sometimes bumpy and sometimes smooth.I don’t get a lot of sleep and Zombie days are routine to me.Just another fantabulous parent like you .My mission is to gather and share experiences. I would love to generate awareness about Mindful Parenting.